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           Green Thumbs Up consists of two farmers; Austin Reynolds and John Edmonds. We grow seasonal fruits and vegetables on two neighboring farms in Leavenworth County using multifaceted production methods. Our goal is to provide high quality homegrown fruits and vegetables to our local community as well as those in the greater KC metro.  We achieve this through responsible and sustainable agriculture. Currently we utilize multiple means of production including irrigated plasticulture, greenhouses, and hoophouses. Green Thumbs Up specializes in vertically grown produce using trellising systems that maximize the space inside our growing facilities. These structures also allow season extension of crops in the spring and fall, this lets our consumers have access to fresher more nutritional produce and less dependence on farm products grown out of state.

            Green Thumbs Up has been growing produce since our youth in 4-H. We enjoy the work and all the challenges that lead to successful farming. Everything that we sell has been raised from seed to harvest on one of our farms. We currently sell at the Overland Park and Leavenworth Farmer’s Markets, as well as wholesale outlets including restaurants, corporate cafeterias, and CSA’s. Green Thumbs Up also is a member of the Kansas City Food Hub, a farmer owned CO-OP that sells wholesale locally grown farm products in the greater Kansas City area.

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